About Me

I am Nigam Mishra, Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer at MHV Media Pvt Ltd, a technology company based in Delhi, India that specializes in developing security solutions. With over 6 years of experience in the internet industry, I have been fortunate enough to explore various aspects of this field. I am also a Co-Founder of Developer 360, a game development company also based in Delhi.

Since the beginning of my career, I have had a strong desire to explore new technologies and develop solutions that can help make people's lives easier. My experience spans across social engineering, social media, gaming, advertising, and business development, having worked with over 100 companies across 25 cities and 12 states in India.

Apart from my professional pursuits, I am an avid traveler, and I am passionate about creating innovative technology and achieving financial success.

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CO Founder



MHV Media OPC Private Limited is a leading IT company established in 2018 in India. We specialize in creating top-quality security and safety products for the world. Our vision is to make the world a safer place for everyone, while also providing business opportunities to thousands of people

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Developer 360 is all in one platform for Website Development & Android Development Tasks. News portal website development, E-Commerece website development, MLM Website Development, or Any other website. Or you want Android app development, News app development, E-commerce app development, Earning app development. We Develope it all.

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  • Received the YouTube Silver Play Button in 2018
  • Successfully managed over 50 YouTube channels, helping them reach millions of viewers
  • Generated over $1 million in revenue from Google Adsense
  • Competed in yoga at the state level for over 6 years, achieving championship status
  • Designed and developed over 300 websites, mobile apps, and games for a diverse range of clients
  • Successfully served over 100 clients in my career
  • Explored over 25 cities and 12 states in India
  • Developed KawachX, India's most advanced security product
  • Created MotoGuard, India's top GPS tracker device for vehicles with accident sensing technology
  • Established Developer 360 as a recognized game development company
  • Helped MHV Media Pvt Ltd and TechNidhi Solutions PVT LTD reach new heights in the technology industry
  • Collaborated with over 100 foreign engineers and developers
  • Received the "Best Manufacturer of Security Product" award in 2022 from the
  • Minority Affairs Minister
  • Received a global award in Nepal in 2022
  • Read over 15 books to further my personal and professional growth

Life Journey

My journey has been one of struggle and perseverance. Growing up in a poor middle-class family, I began my studies in 2001. I was a sharp-minded student in school and excelled academically. After moving to Delhi in 3rd grade, I gained access to a computer at home in 6th grade. With my brother's help, I taught myself to code Android apps, which proved to be a challenging task since there were no teachers and app development wasn't popular at the time. Despite this, we managed to create several apps and generate millions of dollars in revenue through AdMob.

One day, our Maama gave us a mobile phone, which was in poor condition. We were able to earn 3,000 rupees from it, which allowed us to purchase a new phone. We also started a YouTube channel, which became very successful. At the time, there was a trend of using my name on YouTube, which helped increase our visibility and revenue. While we are still earning money from YouTube, unfortunately, my channel was mistakenly deleted.

Throughout my journey, there have been many challenges, but I remained determined to succeed. We eventually ventured into businesses, and now we have achieved great success. Despite the obstacles, I am proud to have overcome them and grateful for the experiences that have shaped me into the person I am today.

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